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Live4Cup : Forum / Unlock the price of smartphones to support 5G benefits

#1 19-10-2021 12:19:26


Unlock the price of smartphones to support 5G benefits

5G is one of the key technologies driving economic and social progress. Including elevating the digital experience to be more fluid to meet the lifestyle of people around the world. For Thailand, 5G is one of the key technologies in enhancing both economic and social infrastructure, including improving people's livelihoods. Benefit in terms of economy

At present, Thailand is facing the challenge of enhancing the country's competitiveness in order to stand strong on the global or regional stage. By accelerating the upgrade to the digital economy Digital Economy, a new economy driven by digital technology in the online world.
which is the introduction of 5G technology to increase efficiency and create added value for economic activities in various fields such as manufacturing, transportation, sales and services.

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Socially, 5G is a technology that bridges the social gap. help reduce inequality in both public health People across the country can access the public health system with equal standards. with a telemedicine system In education, children and youth have access to a standardized quality education system. in the field of remote systems via the Internet Government services and welfare are faster and more thorough.

In terms of current lifestyles, 5G is faster speed, higher bandwidth, and less latency. The direct benefit that smartphone users will get is a smooth and uninterrupted experience of using mobile phones or other communication devices. Receiving and transmitting text messages, video calls, or even downloading and uploading large files is very fast, allowing users to quickly stream high-quality video. Listen to the most popular podcasts without limits. Even with a large number of users Or even the connection quality is not very good. Today, 5G technology on mobile networks Not just for speed And it's not just limited to mobile phones.

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