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Live4Cup : Equipe - Know what busin

Equipe - Know what busin

Nom Know what busin
Jeux Americas Army: Operations
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  what is business pedagogy

The dream of any sales manager is to have MOTIVATED salespeople. Do you want to have or integrate a qualified sales team? Effectively perform team management? So you need to know what business pedagogy is.

Investing in business pedagogy sends a powerful message to your teams: it shows that the employee is the company's greatest asset.


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So, how to use business pedagogy to your advantage and transform your employees into sales champions? See how it works and its importance for the day-to-day of every company.

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what is business pedagogy

After all, what is business pedagogy?

Business pedagogy is a method that aims to improve the performance of a corporation's employees through training and qualifications. The main situations in which companies seek these training formats are:

  • Train employees in cases of changes in the company;

  • Learn or deepen knowledge. For a sales team, for example, training on sales techniques or customer relationship

  • Develop creativity skills;

  • Strengthen team spirit.

The objective is to propose activities and encourage the professional and personal development of employees, through different formats of activities. For example:

  • Training courses;

  • Speeches;

  • playful activities

  • In-company training

  • Outdoor trainings

  • Activities team building , among others.

The actions vary according to the objective, need and size of the company. However, regardless of the area of %u200B%u200Bactivity and the number of employees, it is essential to know what business pedagogy is and, above all, the change it presents for a company.

What is the (important) role of the business pedagogue?

The methodology of business pedagogy is relatively recent.

Until a few years ago, the pedagogue was the professional who worked mainly in school education. However, over the years, this has changed. The vision that a company has about its employees has changed.

Now, corporations value their human assets more and understand that teams need continuous qualification. After all, this contributes to employee satisfaction and productivity .

In this scenario, the business pedagogue began to gain space in the market. In partnership with the company manager, they identify the best approach to be taken and actions to be developed.

The objective is to ensure better learning for employees, who become better, more motivated and qualified people. The business educator has the important role of proving to employees that investing in these actions is positive for everyone. Thus, it will take actions that really engage employees. Also, it is the role of the educator - together with the support of the manager - to develop, improve and discover talents of employees who are already part of the company, but which, until then, had not been explored or discovered.

Ready to implement a culture of business pedagogy?

You already know what business pedagogy is, now it's hands-on: how to implement it in the company's day-to-day activities?

Implementing business pedagogy actions is something that involves and affects the culture of a corporation. And, to be successful in this endeavor, it is essential to have the support and involvement of the leadership - that is, the manager.

This is an ongoing process of changes and goals to be met. More than that, and it is important to emphasize that culture is not changed overnight.

To implement this change, everyone in the company must be engaged. From the new employee to the oldest, passing, of course, through management positions. That's because: a lot is educated through example. Managers also need to take this process seriously to inspire teams - who, feeling motivated, will carry this feeling forward.

The result of good business pedagogy?

  • Customers who realize they are dealing with qualified and engaged professionals. Thus, they are more satisfied with the results and go back to looking for your company;

  • Professionals who are in the market and are interested in joining your team. After all, everyone wants to work for companies that value employees;

  • Conquest of the market, attention from competitors and suppliers. That's because: by having an engaged team and a strong organizational culture , your brand gains recognition

  • Satisfied employees and talent retention. since professionals feel valued and intend to continue being part of their corporation.


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The framework for implementing business pedagogy

To implement the business pedagogy, the institution can invest in face-to-face, distance learning or hybrid procedures - in other words, face-to-face and online part.

If the company is looking to implement a culture of innovation, investing in technology platforms can be a good start. Thus, you can mix this new format of action with face-to-face so that, little by little, employees become familiar with this method.

It is important to emphasize that regardless of the platform chosen, what matters is the content to be broadcast. In other words: the manager, together with the pedagogue, must define the main issues to be worked on in each action.

The manager must produce a schedule to stipulate dates and deadlines for each activity. In this way, even if initially there is little resistance on the part of employees, it will be minimized. That's because: over time, everyone will understand that investing in this methodology is extremely beneficial to everyone involved.

Now you know what business pedagogy is: it's time to put knowledge into practice

Are you ready to implement this methodology in your company?

See in practical actions how to implement:

  1. Start by looking for the most critical points that need improvement in the company

  2. Conduct surveys with employees to identify other points they may see as an opportunity for improvement

  3. Create a biannual or annual calendar to address these points through training, lectures, courses

  4. Define indicators to measure the results of business pedagogy actions

Do you already carry out business pedagogy actions with your sales team? Comment and share with us your knowledge and opinion on the subject!

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